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Chapter Nine!

And my wrath isn't pretty.


Cornelia, when she gets up, walks furtively out of her own country house and runs through the fields to the house of her friend. It is not yet light, but nothing frightens Cornelia. No one sees her. No slaves work in the fields. Even the doorkeeper is asleep at the door. Cornelia, because she enters quietly, does not wake the doorkeeper.

Cornelia enters Flavia’s room quietly and attempts to wake her. Flavia still sleeps. Cornelia tries again. Flavia, half asleep, asks, “Who are you? Why are you bothering me?”

Cornelia replies, “I’m Cornelia! Get up!”

Flavia gets up. She welcomes Cornelia happily and cries, “What are you doing here?”

Cornelia says, “Be quiet, Flavia! Don’t wake the slaves! Come with me quietly into the fields. There, no one will be able to hear us.”

Cornelia leads Flavia furtively out of the country house and into the fields. When the girls arrive at the trees, Cornelia says, “I am miserable, because I and Marcus and Sextus and Father and Mother are preparing to return to Rome today. The emperor wants to consult my father. It is therefore necessary for us to leave immediately.”

Flavia weeps, “Oh, poor me! You all are going back to Rome. It is necessary for me to stay here. Goodbye, Cornelia! Send many letters to me! Do you promise?”

Cornelia says, “I promise. And now, goodbye!” Cornelia holds Flavia in an embrace and goes away crying.

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