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Chapter Six!

Oh, and since I didn't say so before...

Early in the Day

It is not yet light, but Cornelia gets up and walks through the country house. Father and Mother and Marcus are still asleep. Even Sextus sleeps, and does not bother Cornelia. The slaves and slave women, however, do not sleep. They all get up now and prepare to work, because they fear Cornelius and Aurelia.

Cornelia watches a slave woman named Syra, who is cleaning the country house, and another, named Thressa, who is preparing to cook food. Many slaves soon run into the fields, where they work hard. They carry water from the stream into the country house.

Now Cornelius and Aurelia get up. Cornelius looks for Davus, who is in the garden. Cornelius is suddenly angry. He scolds Davus for sitting under a tree and not working. Davus, when he hears Cornelius, immediately gets up and prepares to work.

Aurelia teaches Cornelia to care for a country house. Slave women clean the country house, prepare food and spin wool. Aurelia scolds the slave women if they are lazy. Cornelia watches her mother and prepares to do everything which her mother is doing. She wants to help her mother, but she herself scolds neither slave nor slave woman. The slaves and slave women now work hard. It is necessary to scold neither slave nor slave woman.

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