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Chapter Three!

Some more. ^__^

In The Garden

In the picture is a Roman boy by the name of Marcus, who lives in the country house. Also in the picture is another boy, named Sextus, who lives in the same country house. Marcus and Sextus are friends. Today the boys shout and laugh in the garden because they are happy.

A man named Davus, who is a slave, is also in the picture. In Italy are many slaves who work in the fields and in country houses. The boys are Roman, but Davus is not Roman. He is a British man who now works in Italy. Sextus and Marcus, because they are Roman boys, do not work. Davus works alone, angry because the boys laugh and run in the garden.

Suddenly, a statue falls into the fishpond. Sextus laughs. Marcus also laughs, but Davus shouts, “Go away, you pests!” and runs angrily toward the fishpond. The boys run out of the garden. Davus groans.

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