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Ecce Romani!

For Fans of the Textbook

For Fans of the Ecce Romani Textbook
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All Members , Moderated
To answer that particular question first, yes, this is a community for fanart, fanfiction, questions and discussion relating to the characters and plotline of the Ecce Romani series of textbooks.

This monstrosity was created by honorbound and baracilla because we're crazy, and we miss our old Latin books. The community is open to anyone who has become attached to the characters in the Ecce Romani series. We would like to keep this a friendly, fun kind of place, so please, no flaming or trolls.

Technical Stuff:

If you post something over drabble-length (100 words or more,) please use an lj-cut.

Other things to put behind a cut: images and any LJ icons numbering more than three.

On the off-chance that you should have something Not Worksafe to post, please place it behind a cut and make sure you label it with the proper warnings.

Posting Format:

Any way you'd like to post is fine, really, though for fics and art, including the following information is encouraged:

Pairing (if applicable):


We are a slash, femmeslash and het-friendly community. Please Be tolerant or else. ^__^