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Wow, this community hasn't been active in forever.

Oh, well. Salve to whoever reads this!

I've just completed Latin 1, and am on my way to study Classics now. Meaning, of course, that I'm going to be quite involved with Latin for a long time. I noticed someone asking for scans of the images in Ecce Romani, and I can provide them if they are still wanted! I have Books I and II, encompassing the whole story of the Cornelii. And, yes. Aurelia really does have a thing about dormice.

Also, I found this on fanfiction.net:

Community of Ecce Romani Fanfiction!!!

t looks like it only has three stories at the moment, but if you change the rating to "All," a rather steamy Davus/Eucleides story pops up. *giggle*

Anyway, I'm looking forward to finding out if there's anyone around here who still likes the books.

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