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Chapter Ten!

Ask anyone.

[Notes: I refer to the family as “the Cornelii” when translating from Latin to English. This is mainly because it is easier to type than “Cornelius’s family” or “the Cornelius family.”

Also, several articles of Roman clothing are mentioned in this chapter. Here’s an explanation of them:

tunic: Pretty much what you think it is—a light, cottony shift. Technically an undergarment, but it was perfectly acceptable for the kids to wander around outside in them for the first few chapters, since they were in the country.

stola: A floor-length, sleeveless dress worn over a tunic.

palla: Rather like a shawl.

toga praetexta: A toga with a purple border, worn by Senators, and, interestingly enough, children.

toga virilis: A pure white toga, worn by adult men.]


Meanwhile, in the country house of the Cornelii, everyone is working hard. Aurelia is wearing a tunic and a stola and a palla. She orders a slave woman to put other tunics and stolas and pallas into a chest. Marcus and Sextus wear tunics and toga praetextas, because children usually wear toga praetextas on journeys and in the city. A slave puts other tunics and toga praetextas into a chest. In Gaius’s room, a slave puts toga virilises into a chest, because Gaius usually wears a toga virilis in the city. Gaius himself puts on a toga virilis.

Davus, who cares for everything himself, stands at the door. He orders slaves to carry chests out of the bedrooms and into the road. He has a stick and yells, “Come on, you wicked slaves! Are you sleeping? We’re leaving today, not tomorrow!”

Marcus also urges the slaves on and orders them to put the chests into the carriage. A certain slave, by the name of Geta, grabs Sextus’s chest and throws it into the carriage.

“Be careful, Geta!” exclaims Sextus, worried. “Take care of my chest. Don’t throw it!”

At last, all of the chests are in the carriage. Marcus and Sextus climb in. Eucleides climbs in. Aurelia climbs in. Gaius himself is prepared to climb in. Syrus, the coachman, also climbs in and prepares to spur the horses on. Suddenly Aurelia exclaims, “Where is Cornelia?”

At that very moment, Cornelia runs into the street. Gaius orders her to climb into the carriage right away. Immediately the coachman spurs the horses on. Away go the Cornelii.

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