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Chapter Eight!

....will face my wrath.

Getting Up Early

It is not yet light, but Aurelia, the mother of Marcus and Cornelia, is already busy in the country house. She is angry because she catches sight of slaves sitting down.

“Get up, you troublesome slaves!” she says. “Why do you do nothing? Why are you sitting there? Why don’t you work hard? It is necessary to prepare everything immediately because we are returning to the city today.” Now the slaves work hard.

Then Aurelia prepares to wake up the boys. She therefore enters Marcus’s room. She yells, “Come on, Marcus! We are now working hard. It’s time to get up. We are preparing to return to the city.”

Marcus hears his mother, but does not respond. Next, Aurelia enters Sextus’s room. She shouts, “Come on, Sextus! It’s time to get up.” Sextus immediately rises and puts on his tunic and toga and in a short time is running out of his room.

Again Aurelia enters Marcus’s room. Again she yells, “Come on, Marcus! We are now working hard. Why do you alone not get up?”

Marcus groans. “I don’t get up,” he says, “because I don’t want to go back to Rome. Why is it necessary for me to return to the city? The emperor called my father back to the city. He wants to consult my father. He doesn’t want to consult Marcus.”

Suddenly, Gaius, Marcus’s father, enters the room and shouts, “But I want to consult Marcus! Why, Marcus, must you vex me today? Why won’t you get up? Why haven’t you put on your tunic and toga yet, you troublesome boy?”

Marcus does not reply, but he immediately gets up because he fears his father.

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