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Chapter Four!

Yet more of this stuff...


Sextus is an annoying boy who always bothers Cornelia. Cornelia, therefore, does not like Sextus. Today Cornelia sleeps under a tree. Sextus catches sight of the girl and approaches sneakily. He climbs the tree and suddenly calls out in a loud voice. Corneloa hears the voice, but does not see Sextus. The loud voice frightens Cornelia. She is worried.

Then Marcus runs toward the tree. Marcus sees the annoying boy and shouts “Come down, Sextus!”

Sextus yells back, “Marcus, why don’t you climb trees? Nothing frightens me. What frightens you?”

“Be careful, Sextus!” calls Marcus. “The branches are weak.”

Suddenly, Marcus and Cornelia hear a loud crash; Sextus falls out of the tree. Marcus and Cornelia laugh, but Sextus does not laugh.

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